Journey to the Tourney​​​​​​​
With 76 Gas as a supporting sponsor of the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Tournament we were tasked with concepting ways to get fans psyched for upcoming games. Deliverables included on-court promotion ideas, creating a simple social media series/program to engage fans during the tournament, as well as an e-mail that’d get Pac-12 fans excited. The concept we decided to go with was to leverage social media illustrations from last years tournament and create around those.
What I contributed to this project was owning the on-court promotion ideas, collaborate with Payton to think of simple ways to engage fans through social media and coming up with the headline “Journey to the Tourney”. Payton and I worked with Brian, Christine, the social media team, production studio, strategists, account manager and clients to bring everything to life. What is not shown are the unchosen on-court game ideas, two other social media campaign concepts, revisions, feedback, presentation decks and mock-ups for each idea we presented.
Creative Directors: Brian Lambert + Christine Gault
Copywriter: Payton Faber
Designer: David Jaimes
Illustrator: Evan Wesslemann
Our halftime on-court game "76 All-Net Challenge" consisted of having to make a basket to be able to earn a prize. As the clock runs down from 76 seconds, a chosen fan would have to complete a free throw to win one $76 fuel card, before advancing to the three point line for a chance to earn two $76 fuel cards, and hopefully making the final half-court basket to earn three more $76 fuel cards. 
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