Payne Avenue Advertising Campaign
The ask was to create a concept-focused advertising campaign that promotes dining along St. Paul's Payne Avenue. with a target market geared towards sophisticated professionals in their late twenties to early thirties, these advertisements would run in weekly magazines sequentially for a month.
Being East St. Paul's most iconic street, Payne avenue is known today for its restaurants and businesses alike. After the decline of the industrial age in the 1950's, it's thanks to some progressive thinking entrepreneurs who are the reasons why people are starting to call it the new eat Street.  
Check out the research and process PDF here.
By not only incorporating Payne Avenues diverse range of restaurants, it was essential to include its most iconic ones as well. Therefore, Yarusso Bros, Eastside Thai, and Tongue in Cheek were chosen. By having the hand overlapping the bread, shop sticks, hamburger and/or french fries, it jokingly evokes an appearance that you're dining at whatever restaurant is being advertised for that month.​​​​​​​
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