​​​​​​​Boom Island Burger Bash
Concepting a community celebration that includes a variety of collateral applications, this, event needed to have a distinctive logo as well. Striving to utilize an aesthetic appropriate for my audience while being stylistically sensitive to what's popular in design today, were crucial aspects in branding this event. Boom Island Burger Bash is a fictitious summer food festival focused on food, community, and fun throughout the Twin Cities metro area.
Borrowing assets from the events logo is how the modular system was constructed for this events identity. The logos water ripples which make up the repeat pattern, the logos color palette, and duotone hamburger image were all combined to build a grinding system that could work on a variety of different size, and different kinds of applications. Where the water ripples tie into the events location along the Mississippi River, the warm color palette was inspired by warm summer weather.
Check out the research and process PDF here.
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