Green Music Center
Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center was created to bring artists, students, families and music-lovers together. Both a cornerstone in the college’s commitment to the arts, as well as home to the college’s music department, the venue serves as a gathering place for the local community. Their mission is to present the most captivating artists of our time while delivering experiences that connect the University with neighboring North Bay residents.
The request for the Green Music Center catalog was to create an engaging cover that showcases where the institution is at during the performance season. The cover design would be spread through the booklet and be used for printed advertisements and other marketing materials that the in-house team might need.
My chosen direction combined amplifying the artists with a colorful “block system” that had the flexibility to be used through the rest of the catalog. Energetic feelings attendees have during performances and how to visually portray music, are ideas I applied to the cover. The result was a bright, lively, modular design.
Flip through the entire catalogue here
Creative Director: Mitch Kelly
Senior Account Manager: Josh Johnson
Senior Art Director: Josh Talbot
Designer: David Jaimes
Hand held 9.89"x19.67" and 9.89"x9.89" print ads. Templates below were provided to the client to fill out.​​​​​​​
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