Norseman Distillery
A redesign that appeals to sophisticated business professionals in their late 20's to early 30's. I aimed  for this project to differ from its shelf competition, but stay within the realm of what's popular in package design for that type of spirit. While Norseman is claimed to be a go-to happy hour location for young professionals, the distillery is kid friendly, dog friendly, offers tours and offers cocktail classes by appointment. Located in an old flour factory, Norseman Distillery was the first legal micro distillery to open in the Twin cities in modern times. Having an on-site cocktail lounge, they not only feature their own in-house distilled spirits, but are permitted to sell 375ML bottles to customers to take home. 
While the labels rounded corners play off the bottles shape, the colors used were taken from Norsemans original labels, then desaturated to add to add contrast for type legibility. These final product images were shot on a Canon Rebel T6.
Check out the research and process PDF here
*Course work completed at Concordia University St. Paul
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