The Kitchen by Baked Brand
Midtown Global Market houses an array of culturally diverse restaurants, food and art vendors, and celebrates all communities. With over 1.5 million customers each year, it’s an environment where small business is big. There is no place in town that embodies Minnesota’s spirit and diversity quite like Midtown Global Market.
The Kitchen by Baked Brand is one of MGM’s newest restaurants, offering a wide range of food on the menu. From breakfast, lunch and dinner comfort food, and vegan options, they also offer bakery items if you’re craving something sweet. When working with The Kitchen on their identity and logo, I was asked to design a fun and clean look that would appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, using the colors hot pink, light teal, black and white. Part of my solution was to not only design a system that’d work on a variety of applications, but to create a “toolbox” of assets that would allow any designer to pull from and use.
Project completed in collaboration with Neighborhood Development Center
Project Lead: Julia Eckart
Designer: David Jaimes
Photographer: David Jaimes
Apparel Image: Press MPLS
Brand Guidelines
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