Sever's Maze Challenge 
Sever's Fall Festival is an annual event put on by the The Peterson Family at their Shakopee farm. The festival offers all types of family and kid friendly activities—one of which being the large corn maze the festival started from. Maze participants are challenged to find clues (to be entered in prize drawings) while navigating their way through. My task was to create an identity around the maze challenge theme "harvest".
This was a highly collaborative project between myself, our group creative director, the senior designer and junior copywriter. What I contributed was ideating an appropriate illustration style, helping illustrate a few food + farm pieces, begin laying out + make edits to the festival guide and apply the theme across social posts. 

Agency: Hunt Adkins
Group Creative Director: Sarah Kearin
Senior Designer + Art Director: Emma Dahlgren​​​​​​​
Designer + Art Director: David Jaimes
Junior Copywriter: Emily Andrews
Production Designer: Shelley Wicinske
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